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When you make the big decision to repaint your vehicle, you can choose between an array of options including doing it yourself or having it done by an Anderson Auto Body & Paint professional. No matter which you decide, you will need to know all about the various kinds of paint that are used to recolor a vehicle. To begin, one generally starts with a paint primer called an undercoat finish. Once that is finished, the base coat will then be applied, followed by an acrylic lacquer. Finally, a clear coat finish is applied.


Primer usually comes in neutral colors. Much like painting the walls of a home, primer is used to create a surface that is ready for paint. This is because primers are great for helping the paint stick to the surface. If you plan to attempt this project by yourself then you might want to keep in mind that primer tends to be porous, which means you will have to sand down the surface to make it flat and smooth. If you forget this step, the coat of paint will appear bumpy and will not adhere properly. 

Base Coat 

The base coat is the basic coat of paint you will apply and is the actual color of the vehicle. It is important to remember that base coats will not consist of hardeners or strengtheners. It is just the raw paint that sits upon the primer, and will need further protection. Because of this, base coats tend to be utilized with a clear coat over the urethane base coat. 

Clear Coat 

This is the next coat that goes on the base coat and does not contain pigment or color. The reason for applying this coat is to protect the paint that is underneath and to make it shine. The clear coat may contain chemicals that are specialized in giving simple adherence to flexible components. In many situations, these finishes are manufactured from polyurethane. 

Optional: Acrylic Lacquer

The lacquer finish has actually been discontinued by some companies due to the fact that some consider it outdated. Most believe that a base coat with a clear finish gives the optimal amount of shine.

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