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How to Protect Your Vehicle From Excessive Sun Damage

Unless you keep your vehicle in a garage all day, it will be exposed to the sun’s UV rays. While today’s paint has the capacity to minimize cracks and fading, there’s still potential for damage. This is especially true if you live in an area with continual warm and dry conditions. To help, here are a few methods to protect your vehicle against sun damage.

Repaint Your Vehicle

Though it doesn’t help wear on components like the dashboard, utilizing car painting services through Anderson Auto Body minimizes further damage to the exterior. This is particularly true if you have an older vehicle. More modern paint and finishes offer stronger protection from fading and cracking.

Wax Your Vehicle

There are at least two components to your vehicle’s paint job. One is the color, and the other is the clear coat that protects it from corrosive elements. After car painting services are done, you want to regularly wax it to protect its clear coat. Not only does your vehicle maintain a shine, it will also be protected from ultraviolet rays.

Commit to Regular Washes

Your clear coat works best when it’s free of dirt and debris. Things like bird droppings contain toxic elements that corrode both clear coat and paint. So, it’s important to wash your vehicle regularly to make sure the clear coat can do its job properly.

Cover Your Car

If a garage isn’t available to park your vehicle at home or work, the next best thing is to purchase a custom car cover. This encloses the car in a cloth or vinyl blanket from the front fender to the back bumper. Not only does this protect your vehicle against sun damage, but it also minimizes problems related to other elemental situations like hail.

Park in the Shade

It’s best to park in the shade whenever possible. Even if it’s partial, it reduces the amount of direct sunlight on the car. This shields the exterior paint and stops your seats and dashboard from taking additional abuse from the sun.

Try out these tips for keeping your car looking new and free from sun damage.