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5 Easy Ways to Get Your Car Ready for Winter

When winter arrives, your car may face ice-cold temperatures and harsh, battering winds. With proper preparation, however, you can protect it from damage throughout the chilly season. Here are five tips for doing just that:

1. Fix Car Paint Scratches

Car paint can sustain extreme temperatures, but it often gets scratched and can peel over time. Cold weather can exacerbate nasty scratches. That’s why you should fix these imperfections before winter to avoid rust damage. A local professional paint scratch removal technician can help you with deep paint abrasions to avoid further damaging your vehicle.

2. Replace Weathered Tires

During the winter months, roads can become covered with snow, which brings the danger of sliding. Bald, weathered tires will not help your car maintain traction and get you to your destination safely. Go to a local shop to get your new all season or snow tires, depending on your needs.

3. Check Your Car Battery

This is especially important if you haven’t had to replace your car’s battery in three years or so. Look for signs of corrosion or failing, such as dim headlights, a clicking sound when you turn the ignition on, or backfiring. You don’t want your car battery to die on you while you’re driving in a blizzard.

4. Check Your Low-Beam Headlights

It’s important to routinely check all your car’s lights, including headlights, tail lights, signal lights, fog lights, and hazard lights. To prepare for snowy road conditions, however, make low-beam headlights your priority because they work best for increased visibility in snow.

5. Replace Your Floor Mats

Wintertime means a higher chance of rainfall and snow, which typically means wet or muddy shoes. The water, dirt, and grime that you track into your car will end up in your floor mats. Standard fabric-based floor mats can’t shield your vehicle’s interior from stains, spills, dirt, and grime. All-weather floor mats, as the name implies, can be used year-round to protect against normal wear and tear and outside elements.

Winter-proof your car with these five easy steps. Anderson Auto Body & Paint is a reliable local auto body shop that can help you get your car into top-notch shape.