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Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on all the special people in our lives and how their contributions make each day worthwhile. We buy them gifts and cards or share special meals to show them what they mean to us, but it’s not just our friends and family members that help us reach the finish line each day. How many of us would be totally lost without our cars? Our cars do most of the heavy lifting by being at our beck and call for the daily drive to work and the midnight run for tacos or ice cream. Valentine’s Day is a great time to remember how hard our cars work for us and show them some attention.

Your local auto body shop is a solid place to evaluate what your car might need to function and look better. Here are some of the things you can have done to spiff up your car.

  1. Replace the Windshield – Pits and scratches accumulate over time and keep us from being able to see clearly, especially when we are driving into the sun. A new windshield will improve your outlook and your car’s appearance. Don’t forget to check with your insurance provider. They may pick up most or all of the bill.
  2. Have Your Vehicle Professionally Detailed – Detailing can restore your car’s original beauty and make you feel like it’s brand new.
  3. Fix Dents – Professional dent removal can increase your car’s value and make it easier to sell, and if you don’t sell the car, you will take more pride in keeping it.
  4. Touch Up the Paint – The technology has arrived to allow auto repair services to match your car’s exact paint color, so now you can make those scratches and other imperfections disappear.

When you are ready to give your car a makeover, contact the professionals at Anderson Auto Body & Paint. They work on most car makes and can help you file any applicable insurance claims.

Show your car some love, and it will be there for you when you need it.