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You already know what your deductible on your auto insurance policy will be if you happen to get into an accident or if your car is damaged by an animal, a hailstorm, or by a tree limb falling on it. What you don’t want to encounter are unexpected costs caused by faulty auto body repair methods or inexperienced technicians. You need the work done right the first time by auto body experts who are trained to work on your car’s model. It’s important for your safety and your wallet to choose the best local auto body shop.

You can’t necessarily tell by looking at a body shop if it’s the right one for you, but there are some things you can look for and questions you can ask to help you make your decision.

Is the shop busy? 

If there are a lot of other local people using the shop’s services and if friends and neighbors talk about it favorably, it’s a good choice.

Does the shop accept your insurance and will they offer competitive pricing?

Look for shops that offer free consultations and that help file claims with insurance companies.

What training do the technicians have? 

Some car manufacturers provide training regarding how to work on their cars. Other training and certifications to look for include I-CAR training, ASE certification, PPG certification, and other third-party certifications.

Review feedback from local sources and read online reviews. 

Pay attention to negative feedback regarding things like hidden or elevated costs, poorly completed repairs, and rude or secretive customer service. All procedures and costs should be disclosed to you up front.

How long has the shop been in business? 

Look for things like how long the owner has worked in the industry and how long the shop has been in business.

Does the shop offer work on several different models of cars?

Make sure the shop you’re looking at has experience working on the make and model of your vehicle.

What vehicle repair services does the shop offer?

Check that the local auto body shop completes bumper repair, paint services, auto glass replacement, and other services you may need after a collision.

Does the shop guarantee their work or offer warranties?

Anderson Auto Body & Paint is a PPG Certified Collision Repair Center and offers you I-CAR, Fusor, and ASE certified technicians. We accept all insurance and provide warranties for all of our work. Contact us today for a free consultation.