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Surveys have shown that at least 69 percent of Americans take pride in their cars, while about 73 percent admitted that they actually love their cars. Carrying insurance and taking measures to protect our cars from damage are some of the things we do to show our cars some love.

Try as we might, some things are unavoidable. Regardless of whether our cars are involved in a collision or just day to day driving, scratches in the paint are bound to happen. To the owner of a new car, a scratch is catastrophic while the owner of an older car might not think that repairing the scratch is as important. The truth is that paint scratch removal is important for any car, old or new, for many reasons. Car paint scratches can cause the following:

  • Decrease the value of the vehicle – light scuffs and scratches can reduce the value by 15 percent, but heavy damage will decrease it by as much as 85 percent
  • Rust damage to exposed metal surfaces
  • Wrinkling or withering of the paint surrounding the area of the scratch

There are some things that are within our control when it comes to protecting our vehicles. Here are some measures you can take to protect your car from scratches and other mishaps.

  1. Use precautions in parking lots – Watch for areas that are particularly busy or where drivers are in a hurry and avoid those areas. Park in areas where there are fewer vehicles and fewer chances of a careless accident. Other things to avoid in parking lots include parking next to cart returns, in dimly lit areas, or areas where the view of cars is restricted or blocked.
  2. Use parallel parking spots – They may be more difficult to get into and out of, but they will help to protect your car from being nicked by surrounding cars.
  3. Keep your car in a garage or under a carport – Housing your car can protect it from harsh weather and damage from falling tree branches.
  4. Don’t set things on the car – While it’s tempting to set the keys or groceries on the hood or trunk to free up a hand, those objects can also slide and scratch the paint.
  5. Drive defensively – Being on the lookout for what other drivers are doing around you can help you to react more quickly to avoid a scrape or collision.
  6. Use non-abrasive materials to clean and dry your car – Automatic car washes and other brushes can do more harm than good even for a mud packed vehicle. Washing the car by hand and using non-abrasive cleansers and cloth materials will safeguard your car’s finish.
  7. Apply a ceramic coating – Regardless of the age of a vehicle, a ceramic coating is an excellent defense against corrosion and UV rays in addition to scratches.

When those car paint scratches and other mishaps do occur, you can trust Anderson Auto Body & Paint, your local auto body shop, to use the right tools and techniques to get your car looking new again. We specialize in scratch removal and we can also use our computerized color matching system to create any custom paint colors that your car might need. Contact us today for more information or to receive a free consultation.