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Whether your car needs major collision repairs or only needs a minor paint touch-up, an auto body shop can help restore your vehicle’s appearance. Here’s what you need to know to ensure you get the best value for your money.

Do Some Research

Even though you want your car to look its best as quickly as possible, avoid using the first auto body shop with availability or the shop with the lowest quote without completing more research. 

Instead, look for an experienced auto body shop with a solid reputation to ensure that you’re happy with your vehicle’s results. 

Ask your friends and family if they have recommendations for a reputable auto body shop. Or, if you know someone who’s had auto body work completed and you admire their results, inquire about who did their work.

Check out online reviews to learn more about customer experiences, and if possible, see before and after photos. While few businesses have solely positive reviews, pay attention to how the body shop handles criticism: do they ignore the complaint or answer in an argumentative tone, or do they invite the customer to contact them so they can fix their issues?

Make sure to get estimates from several body shops to help you secure a good deal and understand the costs associated with your paint job or repairs.

Know How to Care for Your Vehicle After Its Body Work

Once your bodywork is complete, you want to make sure your car looks great for years to come. Avoid polishing or waxing your car, using automatic car washes, and parking your vehicle in direct sunlight for three months so the paint has a chance to cure.

Get a Quote for Your Auto Body Repairs

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