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A bent frame is one of the most challenging issues to detect in a vehicle. When a car is involved in an accident or a severe collision, most times, one of the results is frame damage. However, unlike other car components like windshields, side mirrors, and tires, the car frame is not very visible. 

Therefore, it might take some time to notice a bent frame. This situation could get worse, as bent car frames tend to lead to more severe issues when they are not fixed early enough. 

Cars have different types of frames. They include:

  • Ladder Frame
  • Backbone Tubular Frame
  • Space Frame
  • X Frame

Here are some of the ways to tell that your vehicle might have frame damage:

Misaligned Wheels:

When driving a car with a bent frame, you will notice that the wheels move slightly sideways instead of straight. One way to confirm this is by observing the tracks your tires leave behind. If the tracks are trailing to the side, then your car frame is most likely bent.

Strange Sounds:

If your vehicle is producing squeaking or metallic screeching sounds when it is in motion, then it might have a car frame damage problem. 

Uneven Wear on the Shock and Suspension System:

If you notice that the shock and suspension systems are getting worn unevenly, then this is a likely sign that only a part of the suspension system is receiving pressure. This is an indication that the frame is bent and the vehicle requires immediate repair. 

Ill-Fitting Doors

If the car doors stick out partly when closed, or require manual efforts to put them in line, then the car frame is most likely bent. 

Repair Your Bent Frame With Us

If you notice that your car frame is bent, then contact us, and we will get it fixed in no time. At Anderson Auto Body & Paint, we perform all kinds of auto body repairs. We have over 30 years of experience, so you can rest assured that we can handle any auto-body fixes. Whether it is a minor touch-up or a major makeover that you require, we have got you covered. Contact us now.