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Every car owner treasures the pristine condition of their vehicle. But as time goes by, the elements, daily commutes, and unforeseen accidents can leave dents, scratches, and more on the once-flawless surface.

While some damages are universal, living in Utah — with its unique weather and geographical challenges — can present specific risks. Let’s explore the common auto body issues that Utah drivers are likely to face and how Anderson Auto Body and Paint can help restore your car to its former glory.

Dents and Dings

Especially in the colder months in Utah, hailstorms can suddenly spring up, leaving dents and pits on the hood, roof, and sides of cars. Protective car covers or parking indoors during storms can prevent this damage. Paintless dent removal is an excellent solution for minor dents, but larger dents might require professional body filling and repainting.


Accidental scrapes and collisions are commonplace in crowded parking lots and when the weather is slick and snowy. Other causes of scratches include scraping against bushes, minor car accidents or collisions, children playing near vehicles, and using abrasive cleaning materials. To avoid these situations, always practice safe driving and use a soft cloth to clean your car.

Salt and Rust Damage

The salt used on roads to prevent ice buildup is a silent enemy of your car’s body. Prolonged exposure can lead to rust damage, a persistent and damaging foe. Regularly washing your car, especially its undercarriage, during the winter can help reduce the risk.

Paint Chipping

Utah’s terrain, especially gravel roads and mountainous regions, can fling debris onto your vehicle, leading to paint chipping. Consider applying a paint protection film or investing in mud flaps to shield your vehicle. Small chips can be touched up with paint if damage occurs, while more extensive damage might call for a comprehensive repaint.

Fading and Discoloration

Intense sunlight, improper cleaning agents, or natural vehicle aging can lead to fading and discoloration. To maintain your car’s vibrancy, wash and wax it regularly, seek shaded parking spots, or consider using car covers. Professional polishing or a new paint job can restore your vehicle’s shine and color when discoloration happens.

Get Professional Auto Body Shop Repair and Paint Services

When faced with auto body damage, seeking a trusted and experienced repair shop is vital. Anderson Auto Body and Paint is the top choice for Utah drivers.

Not only do we specialize in everything from car bumper repair to comprehensive collision repair, but we also offer custom paint updates for that personalized touch. Contact us today to get quality auto body shop repairs and services.